What is the difference between creative programming and ordinary programming? How is it possible to attract children to code? ROBBO shares their experience and shows the possibilities of getting into the world of creative programming.

Question: what would a child prefer — making a dull text programme of a calculator, or creating a cartoon movie where a calculator-character travels through the world of mathematics helping other characters solve math problems?
The answer is obvious. That would be a cartoon movie!
Making these creative tasks, children enjoy the creative process and act as real screenwriters, movie directors, animators, coders or creative producers. When the project is complete, they can say they have created their own world that reflects their personal ideas and thoughts.
What is creative programming?

Creative programming is a unique, imaginative, yet strictly formalised approach to solving complex engineering problems. It is a combination of object-oriented programming, multimedia technologies, ergonomics, and design. A creative programmer, working alone or in a team, writes a code, edits multimedia content of projects and creates a unique user-oriented design. If one aims to do programming with interest, then creative programming is a perfect way to bring ideas to life!

Platforms for creative programming: Scratch and ROBBO Scratch

1. Scratch allows students to create projects that reflect their inner world and ideas. Coding training is a mandatory topic of school computer science. However, in fact, this is a narrow task where all students create the same projects. Too often, students see only the technical side of coding and do not know how useful it can be in their lives. The purpose of Scratch goes way beyond familiarising with technical coding skills. With Scratch, one can draw, record music, voice stories, create games and make cartoons. This develops not only programming skills, but also creativity. Scratch is not only a fun game, but also a powerful tool for learning robotics.
2. In the Robbo Scratch 3.0 visual programming environment, students create projects that not only develop their mathematical and logical thinking, but also reveal the potential of their creativity.

And what makes this programming environment special?

It combines object-oriented programming and multimedia technologies, as well as the basics of ergonomics and design. This means that students can create projects where both virtual sprites and real robots, digital laboratories and Arduino boards, all interact. Creative robotic projects have a very short feedback cycle. If one makes a mistake in the code, then a robot simply will not do what it is required to. By coding robots, children learn faster and get a visual representation of how their ideas come to life in the real world.
What is the benefit of doing creative programming?

Children develop fluency in reading code and designing. In schools, teachers introduce students to the basics of coding and multimedia technologies in just a few lessons. However, deeper learning occurs when children get the opportunity to practice their coding skills of virtual and real performers for longer.

Scratch Olympiad — the way for external recognition

For many years, ROBBO has organised the International Scratch Olympiad contest on creative programming.
Every year, as part of the Scratch Olympiad, thousands of participants from all over the world create unique projects on the Scratch and ROBBO Scratch platforms. These platforms are perfect for developing creative and engineering skills, opening many opportunities for participants to create original and functional projects.

How to start with creative programming

To make some first creative programming projects, join the ROBBO Club online education! Get more details through the link below!

And if you are looking for a challenge to compete with other talented contestants from all over the world, then the International Scratch Olympiad is exactly what you need! More than 4,500 participants from 35 countries have already shown their skills and creativity in creating projects.

Participate in Scratch Olympiad and unleash your imagination! Create wonderful projects and get international recognition for your achievements in programming!
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